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Poke yt i got banned

What kills me, and online slotmaschinen tricks I've said this before, is that the subs I have kerala lottery 1 2 2017 are not particularly loyal to me and what I'm doing.
Roughly twice as many views as my main channel video from this morning, which I could see coming.Naturally, because what we do is so similar and there's that already perceived "rivalry" between us, I thought of you.When I bought my Hitachi cordless drill, there was a DeWalt, of similar specs, that cost two thirds as much, but I didn't buy it because the strong colour bingo la provence 2017 is too strong a brand that way, and I preferred the more subtle green of the.Luckily it wasn't a build.I'm the odd woodworker, because I'm not really interesting in watching someone else.But you'd need to want to cut a lot of pieces the same size, as in hundreds of the same cut, to make it worth making a push stick for just that piece of wood (cause most pieces won't cover all the holes, so it's.Kind of lost in the band saw overhaul with probably way more footage than the potential views will justify.And there's the "I have this idea for a new tool or whatever, I just lack the skill to implement it".
I always find it ironic when artists complain that not enough people appreciate their art, when the whole point of art is more self expression than serving the wants of the public.

Nothing as controversial as yours, though, but I do give my opinion on painting tools to hide who makes them.And then they'd complain they are in black and white.Recorded this one yesterday and was going to get a bit edgier with it, but figured I'd trigger too many of your fanboys I see it all as a progression and not change for the sake of change.At least until they get distracted by something else.I still say title and thumbnail rule all, and who wants to hear about YT comments being like mouse shit for 8 minutes?Or maybe the idea is one that no one skilled has bothered with because people with the skill will recognize it as a terrible idea.If I look back on my last video that did well (relatively it the wooden bar champs.Oh, "do what you love".I was thinking that the name should include our names or website names for some brand continuity.I couldn't function properly without.
But nothing really that interesting.
Made a frame to hold recycling bins this morning.

I'm pretty sure if someone was sued, even unsuccessfully, at all recently, it would be the talk of various forums.
That video you posted today on your second channel would have been suitable, since it's about the design of something.
Just posted about the Heisz-Wandel project on instagram and facebook.