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Minecraft more inventory slots mod 1 7 10

minecraft more inventory slots mod 1 7 10

(ItemTree information can be accessed via API) Improved shortcut behavior with extract-only slots.
However, the player's cursor must already be holding an item for this to work.Holding Ctrl and pressing drop while hovering over a slot in the inventory or container that has one or more items, will consequently drop the entire stack of items.Fixed the item tree not handling correctly duplicate items Fixed rules priorities problem.04b (B1.6.6) Adjusted rules priorities Minor item tree fix.04 (B1.6.6) The mod can now be installed through the mods folder Now really compatible with MyCraft Autoreplace now selects the smallest stack.Warning: Playing with Options Video Settings GUI Scale: Auto or Large may zoom everything in too much pubg bonus gift code so it goes way off the screen. .03.15.2013.52 (1.5/1.5.1) Fixed NEI detection for larger than vanilla chests (ex.IronChests) Implemented an optional server module to potentially help with mod items that cause glitches with the normal mode Updated tree file for MC1.5 Enabled shortcuts in creative mode (may by somewhat buggy).51b (1.5/1.5.1) Added support for Hopper GUI Fixed crash when viewing mod.Conversely, while holding a stack in the inventory, left click will place the full stack in the slot, and right click will place just one item.The description will match the configured inventory key.Version.0.0 is a complete rewrite and overhaul of the mod.
Picking up a block in creative mode with a full hotbar will now put it in an inventory like the one in survival mode.
Held armor can be equipped by right-clicking.

1 The crafting menu can now be opened by pressing a hotkey.March 27, 2010 The player will now no longer start with certain items.For Minecraft.8.9, download from Server 1, jackpot casino aalen download from Server.1 The player can now walk around while having the inventory open.1.5 Improved inventory management.The old "normal_small" config entry is now just "size" and it can be normal, small, or large.(I will still be supporting both mods in individually. .New options to allow all sorts of items stack up to 64 - boats, doors, cakes, and more. . Some of these may return depending on user demand.
Shortcuts try harder to merge stacks instead of filling up empty space.
Does not work with things like crafting tables, because there is no way to know what kind of wood was used.