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Daily bonuses pokemon go

Evolve Eevee into Espeon during the day 2500 XP sonderauslosung bingo niedersachsen Walk 10km with Eevee as your buddy to earn candy 2500 XP Send 20 Gifts to friends 2500 XP Complete 2,500 Stardust Eevee Pokemon Encounter 1x Metal Coat Celebi Ripple in Time 5/8 Reward Evolve Eevee into.
Make sure you don't have a full item bag when spinning your first PokeStop, otherwise you won't continue the streak (thanks, TheSilphRoad!) Also, hatching an Egg will not count as a 'catch so make sure you actually encounter them in the wild to continue the.
Note: Hatching an egg doesnt count as a catch!
Make 3 New Friends 1500 XP, evolve an evolved, grass Type Pokemon 1500 XP, catch a pokemon 3 days in a row 1500 XP, complete 1,500 Stardust 1x, sun Stone 1x, premium Raid Pass, celebi Ripple in Time 3/8, reward.Activity, one day reward 7 day reward.Taking Advantage of 1st-Day Bonuses, a good tip to gain XP quickly is to make sure that both of your streaks align on the same day, so that you can Lucky Egg your 7-Day Streaks and gain about 10,000 XP with minimal effort (wed also.Pokeballs 1x, charge TM 1x, super Incubator, celebi Ripple in Time 2/8, reward.Catch Pokemon 7th consecutive day 2,000 XP and 2,400 Stardust.Consecutive Day, xP Bonus, stardust Bonus, these bonuses are added to the base amount you would usually receive on a particular catch.Otherwise, they drop randomly at very low rates from Pokéstops.It appears that a gym at which you have a Silver/Gold Badge and team control (doesnt need to be defended by your own Pokémon) will give out more streak rewards than a Pokéstop.It should be noted that the 7th consecutive day bonus is called a 'Streak Bonus' and is in addition to the First time a day bonus.Seems like community day is going to land on weekends most likely.Matthew Reynolds, guides Editor.Gloom or, sunkern 2000 XP, reach Level 25 2000 XP, hatch XP, complete 1x Premium Raid Pass.Activating a Star Piece before your 7-Day Catch is an easy way to earn Stardust; if possible, catch an evolved online casino betrug bonus codes and weather-boosted Pokémon to stack up your bonuses.If you do this seven days in a row, you'll then earn a larger bonus - essentially more of what you receive on previous days, as the below table shows.1st Catch of the Day Bonuses.If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission.
Consecutive Day, xP Bonus, number of Items 1-6 500, minimum of 6 7 2500, usually 28 35 ( 1 evolution item).

As well as our.It should be noted also that the 7th consecutive spin gives more items and according to an official PokemonGo update on March 21st, a guaranteed Evolution item.Spin Pokestop First time a day 500 XP and additional items.1st Spin of the Day Bonuses.One of the ways that Pokémon GO encourages Trainers to play daily are the rewards for your first catch and Pokéstop spin of the day.Additionally, the 7-Day Pokéstop streak is the only guaranteed way of obtaining one of the five evolution items currently in game: Sun Stone, Kings Rock, Metal Coat, Dragon Scale, and Up-Grade.Power Up Pokemon XP, battle in a Gym XP, battle in a Raid 1000 XP, complete 10x.There are no requirements on which Pokémon species or which specific Pokéstop must be caught/spun to count as a first-of-the-day bonus.

On top of this, for the 7 day PokeStop streak, your chances of receiving an elusive.
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For example, if the first Pokémon you catch for the day is a Pidgey (assume curveball great throw first-ball catch for 210 XP and no weather boost for 100 Stardust you would receive 710 XP and 700 Stardust.