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Bing api usage

bing api usage

However, the spielothek wittlich more interesting parts of Win8 are the multiple sensor support that requires Win8 Bing Maps SDK for Metro.
You can develop for each of the popular platforms, but that takes a bit of effort getting the tools for iOS and Android as well as learning enough Objective-C and Android Java to scandic bonus be productive.If eventData is present, it is the second argument to the.bind method; if no additional data needs to be sent to the handler, then the callback is passed as the second and final argument.Similarly for the WPF control, a session begins when the map control is loaded by gbenro lotto the application and ends when the application is closed.See the.trigger method reference for a way to pass data to a handler at the time the event happens rather than when the handler is bound.Starting a project in VS2012 allows selection of a template with all the appropriate boilerplate.WindowsPhoneSession_PublicApp Silverlight Control for Windows Phone (discontinued) No Any time a session begins with the launch of an application that uses the Bing Maps Silverlight Control for Windows Phone, one (1) transaction is counted.Location(40, -95 zoom: 5 var tileSource new.It seems that the way Bing Maps v8 handles tiles causes cors error for sporadic tiles in Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, but not.Since neither phone nor tablet will be available to consumers with Win8 until later 4th quarter, Win8 is an OS focused on devices that may or may not generate a market.

This is useful when the event data feature is being used, or when other unique data resides in a closure around the event handler function.Since all grid levels are precompiled, resolution of cells can be adjusted by Zoom Level.Info: X3DOM version.6.2, Revison Date Sat Dec 20 00:03: In some cases the ST_Extrude result is rendered to odd surfaces with multiple artifacts.summary / param name"e" Event data that describes how this page was reached.WebGL meshes are a good way to handle terrain DEM.Tessellation rates for polygon generation approaches 1,000,000 triangles per 1000ms using libtess.This function can be removed at a later time by calling:.unbind( eventName, false ).Fig 3 WebMatrix2 with a MobileLocator project WebMatrix makes it easy to check a design in most of the common browsers and mobile platforms.Application type : Required.

Compass This sensor returns a heading with respect to True North and, possibly, Magnetic North.
3) Hybrid - This approach splits the zoom level depth into at least two sections.